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Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings OMNIA Fans!

OMNIA Beginnings: Seasons greetings that is!

OMNIA Beginnings: Season 1 releases tomorrow, but we haven't been very clear on what exactly that means.

OMNIA Beginnings is a series of “micro-sets” or "Seasons" that give OMNIA fans some new cards to sink their teeth into. New heroes, spells, strategies and even new flavors are possible with each new season, and starting with Season 1, S-rare cards make their debut!

S-rare cards have an orange rarity symbol behind the prestige value of each card, and about 1 in 3 booster packs should have an S-rare in place of a regular rare with a purple symbol. With this increased scarcity, players can expect a bump in power too. Take a look at Advisor Cylestus for example:

Figbar eat your heart out! Just his first line of text is enough to make a player pick up a couple divinity sources! Life gain is a rare ability in OMNIA, so getting some any time ANY hero cycles can have quite an impact on your score, just for having him out on your field.

Calling it Season 1 suggests that there will be more seasons coming in the future, and that's a fair conclusion to come too. It's also a conclusion that you would be 100% correct to arrive at. Seasons 2 and 3 are also on their way! 8 weeks after Season 1 release, on December 30th, OMNIA Beginnings: Season 2 will be released, followed by Season 3 on February 24th . Each season will add about 40 cards to the available card pool, but don't be hibernating! Each season will only be available for 6 months after its release before printing stops!

Each season will come in booster packs like Season 1, with the only cards reprinted being the source cards. Even though the source cards will be the same in function, each season will have new art for them, as well as a unique basic hero style.

Some newer OMNIA fans might not be quite ready for a handful of random cards out of booster packs though. So, in addition to the Season 1 release, we are also restocking some of the 2-player starter sets in the bard shop so new players can get started quickly and easily.

Check your local game store or go to the Bard Shop to get OMNIA Collectible Deck Building game today!

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