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Arcana users wield the might of elemental magic, conjuring storms and igniting a grand inferno with a flick and a whisper.

Students train in Arcana arts in the libraries of the Academy at Argent, while the Homeplain elf tribes to the north of Argent hold pyromancy in the highest regard, with a specific caste of priests known as Fyrespeakers.


Divinity source is used heavily by the city-state of Argent, and moves much of its economy and military. Markets overflow with anything a human, elf, gnome and anything else could want or need. Coin and Divinity source have a close connection.

Shield-Saint paladin sects use Divinity to great effect, mitigating damage, and repaying in kind with swift, powerful shield strikes and source fueled healing arts.

divine battery.png


Might source is demonstrated by strength, in self and in community. Homplain elf tribes bond through Might source, coming together to perform deeds to assist an individual, as well as the whole.

Shield-Saint paladins harness might to push back against those who may threaten them, or anyone under their protection.


Shadow source feeds the dark and seedy underbelly of society. Blackstar Syndicate agents use Shadow source to enforce their shady deals and recruit agents.


Necromancers under the employ of Seivers Bottling & Co. make use of Shadow source to raise undead slaves to toil in factories and work in warehouses.

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