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OMNIA Beginnings: Season 2 is on the way!

OMNIA Beginnings: Season 2 pre-orders are now OPEN!

OMNIA Beginnings: Season 2 introduces 2 new source flavors with Mekanicha and Nature!

Gears are turning and steam billows whenever Mekanicha source is employed. Engineers and shipwrights from all around D’vandia gather at Cog Hill Bay to work, learn, and perfect their crafts. Automatons, artillery, and all manner of source powered technology turn and churn on the surface level and give way to the underground sections of the city, Cog Hill Underground, the ancestral home of Deep Dwarves.

Nature source flows freely throughout The Greenwood. The World Dragon Eidledyandr and her brood of green whelps and wyrmlings protect The Greenwood fiercely. Once much more widespread across the north-eastern parts of D’vandia, just over Cog Hill, The Greenwood is the last of the forests on the plane. Industry swept through forest, spearheaded by Seivers Bottling & Co. bringing rapid deforestation until Eidledyandr, growing more and more irate at the destruction of her home, expelled the offenders. Now, the great green dragon, along with her brood, violently and aggressively defend what forestland remains.

Find Mekanicha and Nature, along with the rest of the flavors in OMNIA Beginnings: Season 2, coming 5/26!

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