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Announcing OMNIA: Beginnings

More OMNIA cards are coming!

OMNIA: Beginnings Season 1 is on it's way with new spells, new heroes, and for the first time S-Rare cards!

What is OMNIA: Beginnings?

OMNIA: Beginning is a seasonal OMNIA micro set of booster packs to introduce new cards to the growing OMNIA player base. Each “season” of OMNIA: Beginnings adds a new pool of cards for players to collect and use to explore new strategies or power up old ones! OMNIA: Beginnings Season 1 further expands on the world of D’vandia and its inhabitants.

The Homeplain elf tribes, and the powerful Fyretek priests that guide them spiritually, are explored in more detail, allowing might users some spicy new toys, and the denizens of Argent and its bustling marketplace start to make appearances, giving divinity users ways to manipulate the shop zone to suit their own desires. The Academy at Argent trains mages in much more than just fire, and in Season 1 we are giving arcana users more options with the spells and strategies they can use both offensively and defensively. Deep in the shadows of Argent are more unscrupulous magics being worked however, as necromancers raise undead servants for various purposes. All self-serving, and none of which are “Wholesome”, shadow users will find more undead, and more things that make undead better.

OMNIA: Beginnings Season 1 will be available in 12 card booster packs for $4.99, and 12 pack Booster Bundles for $59.99 in the Bardshop on 11/4.

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