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The Unintentional Divinity
of Figbar Newton

     "Hey, its Figbar. Kay, so my shadow deck is dripping with spells to deal with enemy heroes. Cheap Shot is great early on to lay the boots to basic heroes, and stays relevant, cause it deals severe damage instead of regular damage and draws a card, so it replaces itself. So, like... IDGAF about your Null effects."

1 - Cheap Shot.png

"Figbar’s Flashburn is even more dope, cause it deals damage to any combatant, hero, player, me, you, Ixion, whatever. What’s even more better, is that its a prime spell, allowing you to place it face down on your field for later use, and if you discard a Rogue card to activate it, it deals even more damage and draws a card. Lucky that the deck is stacked with Rogue spells and heroes.

Speaking of Rogue heroes, Duskfoot Rogue is quite handy to have in your deck. This Elf Rogue hero will help you gain a shadowy advantage, as right when it enters play it rewards you with either a card draw, or 2 free shadow source. That source will come in handy too, as Duskfoot Rogue, the spell Murder, and even Figbar himself requires 2 shadow source to purchase. You’re going to want to pick up Murder if you can too. It will help get pesky heroes out of your way.

Sometimes you need some room to come up with a plan, and Figbar, Nexus Trigger creates all the space you could need. When Figbar, Nexus Trigger enters play, all other heroes immediately cycle to their controller’s discard! Just remember, that includes your heroes and any cycle triggers (like the one on basic heroes) will be triggered. So it might be a good idea to use Cheap Shot, or Figbar’s Flashburn on the enemy's basic heroes so you don't accidently give your opponents free card draw! 

Many heroes have an effect when they enter play, and Figbar is kind of a specialist when it comes to disappearing and reappearing. Blink returns an attacking hero that has not been blocked to your hand. This will prevent the hero from damaging the enemy player, but you can then play that hero from your hand again right after! Important to remember, Blink has to be primed to be of any use, as you can’t play cards from your hand while an Attack action is resolving. Pact of Hellfire may come in clutch if your Fire spells are stopped by Null effects, since it makes all your Fire spells do severe damage.

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