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Rise of the Shield Magess

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     For most of her life Artura led an unremarkable one. Daily chores in a cozy home she shared with her teenaged son. When Artura's small sea-side town is ransacked and raided by brigands however, it all comes to a crashing halt as her home is destroyed, the entire town burned and razed, and her son murdered before her eyes.

     Barely surviving the ordeal herself, Artura leaves the scorched remains of her home behind, taking nothing more than the torn and singed clothes on her back, and the one round wooden shield she had used to defend herself.

     For years Artura wandered D'vandia. Through the Greenwood, the grand forest watched over by Eidledyandr and her brood of green dragons, Artura is one of the few mortals to ever walk back out of the Greenwood untouched by the horde of dragons hidden in the forest canopy. After an encounter with Eidledyandr, Artura decided that there was still something to protect, still life to defend. As she walked the path out of the Greenwood, Artura uttered an oath to never wield blade, spear, axe, nor club, and to use her shield to protect life all over D'vandia. "So the shield shall protect, so too shall it strike." she spoke aloud, tightening her grip on her shield, she carried on away from the Greenwood.

     Over time, Artura's skill with the shield developed and evolved. Learning how to control divinity source, her power and accuracy while throwing her shield was soon unmatched. Artura's shield became a devastating weapon as well as an impenetrable defense and before long Artura picked up a second. By using two shields simultaneously, she found it easier to balance. This foundation gave way to the development of the Shield-Saint's unique style of defense oriented, highly acrobatic combat.

     When Artura crossed the ocean to Cog Hill Bay, she encountered a halfling being bullied by a large group of menacing toughs. Artura jumped to the halfling's aid, quickly dispatching the mob, and hurrying him away. The halfling quickly introduced himself as he dusted himself off. "Hey thanks! I mean, I totally could have taken them myself, but I'm not wanted for anything around here. At the moment..." The halfling paused for a moment, resting his finger on his chin as he searched for a thought. "No, yeah, I'm good. My name is Figbar" he said with a cheerful inflection before an expression of curiosity washed over his face. 

     "Why do you look so confused Fig... uh... bear?" Artura asked with concern. 

     "Bar. Figbar." he replied. Figbar stroked his chin again, pondering "No one has ever helped me like that." he said a moment later. HIs face lit up in a wide grin. "Come with me, I got someone you gotta meet." he said hurriedly, grabbing Artura's wrist. Before she could protest, Artura was being dragged down the alleyway, awkwardly crouched as the halfling rushed her away towards the workshop of Gebbus GranGuile. 

Deck List:



Shield-Saint Hopeful
Divinity Battery
The Rhapsody
Shield-Saint Lorekeeper
Wall of Violence
Shield Throw
Artura, Grand Defender

Diligent Defender
Divinity source

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